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(541) 683-3353
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It takes a special set of skills to help pets look and feel their best. At PetSmart, our professional Pet Stylists can do just that.

Our groomers use specially formulated pet shampoos and conditioners to help soothe and improve skin and coat. No matter the breed, whether you have a dog or cat with an undercoat, a curly mane, short hair, long hair or no hair, our academy-trained Pet Stylists are up to the task. From cutting techniques that keep their hair in check to removing matted hair, we can get even the most tangled coats back in shape. And we have de-shedding treatment packages that help reduce flying fur. We even have a few simple, effective solutions for nail trimming that won't stress out your pet! After your pet's grooming session, our Pet Stylists can even help you find just the right products to take home for a little freshening up between grooming appointments. From fragrance sprays to dry shampoos, conditioners and moisturizers to breath fresheners, they can help you choose the right supplies for your dog or cat. At PetSmart, our Pet Stylists offer individual services and walk-ins, as well as complete spa packages and special offers that make it easy to take care of all the dogs and cats in your life. For details, or to book your pet's next grooming appointment, find a store near you.